• November 18th, 2018
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More interaction needed between GRN and grassroots

The Affirmative Repositioning team under the leadership of Job Amupanda, representing the grassroots society, found an efficient way of interaction with our president! With their vision they bypassed leaders at other levels of governance to see the president. The AR vision also passed by the majority of honourable MPs and officials, who forgot long ago about the “Public Service Charter”, which was given to us by the Founding Father of the Nation in 1996! Our political parties do not have channels for their members of the grassroots to bring their ideas and challenges to the top. Instead the directives come, not in a democratic way, from the top to bottom. It is apparently the only and easy way to keep unity, in the absence of leadership capacity, in the ranks of party members. After the progressive outcome on the housing issue we need now to find the same dynamic and charisma in decision makers to tackle other burning problems, like the fast growing social decay! The shebeens and taxis are in the middle of greedy money-making and powerful lobby groups and a civil society, which behaves like a mouse looking at an almighty snake - do nothing. The fact is that politics set existing laws and regulation for shebeens and taxis. In both fields our law enforcement agencies are hindered to close illegal operations and enforce the law, because of politics! We learn every day about the rising alcohol and drug consumption and the victimisation of women in our society. How long must that go on? The time is now to come forward and try new and progressive ways of interaction with our government! Uwe Rathmann , Grootfontein
New Era Reporter
2015-08-07 11:57:00 3 years ago

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