• November 20th, 2018
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Pensioners delighted over pension increase


Lüderitz The elderly in Lüderitz were overjoyed when they received a much-needed boost to their pension grants this week – as well as three months’ back pay – as a result of President Hage Geingob’s executive decision in April to raise old age pensions from N$600 to N$1 000. The joyous mood of pensioners at Lüderitz, who received N$1 600 in back pay plus the N$1 000 monthly pension grant for July, was in keeping with the sentiments of pensioners across the country. On Tuesday elderly folk gathered at the Lüderitz post office, where they brandished placards expressing gratitude to the government, and particularly to President Geingob, for increasing their grants. The mood this week was celebratory. Some said the N$1 000 grant would go a long way in enabling them to buy the most basic of daily necessities, such as sugar, flour, tea and maize meal. Some pensioners interviewed by New Era said the government did a good job and should be praised. “We are old people, we laid the foundations for this country’s top lawyers, doctors, engineers, and thus today we are very happy for what the government has done for us,” they said. Their placards were inscribed with the words,“God bless our President”, “Thank you President Hage Geingob”, “Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers”, and “God bless our leaders.”
New Era Reporter
2015-08-07 11:31:55 3 years ago

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