• November 14th, 2018
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Farmers appreciate Agra training excellence

Farmers Forum
Farmers Forum

  Windhoek  Small scale farmers benefitted greatly by Agra ProVision training courses in animal health recently. The overall objective was to train them to develop and implement an improved animal health programme for their livestock. During the training programme, farmers learnt how to maintain a healthy herd, immunisation against infectious diseases, the controlling of internal and external parasites and the correct application of remedies used to enhance livestock health. Agra ProVision successfully presented two sessions of the Applied Animal Health training course, from 20 – 23 July and 28 – 31 July in Windhoek. The training courses targeted new farmers as well as farm managers who aim to improve the management of livestock herds and flocks. One of the training participants in a recent Agra ProVision training curse, Paul Maviaro, has hailed the training as excellent. Maviaro travelled from Mariental to ensure that he did not miss the training opportunity to get empowered. This training was excellent! Before attending the course, I was not sure what product to use for what purpose; I was not aware of the appropriate tools fit for use and did not know how to apply the correct dosage of quantities as per the manufacturer’s specifications. But through this training, I have acquired ample knowledge and skills on how to control and maintain my livestock’s health,” he explained with pride. He continued by saying, “I therefore hereby encourage farmers, especially the new ones, to participate in these type of training courses,” says he. Agra ProVision was pleased by the positive reaction of people towards this unique offering. The workshop was developed as we kept noticing that farmers were doing the right thing, but were not doing things right. The questions and concerns which we address at ProVision show that there is a gap in knowledge and skills when it comes to applied animal health and husbandry,” says Gunther Roeber, Agra ProVision’s Training Course Developer. The sessions were a combination of both theory and practical sessions, giving the participants the necessary all-round knowledge, skills and expertise. At the end of the training course, the participants were able to select the appropriate remedies and equipment required to implement livestock health programme to maintain their livestock. Agra ProVision continues to empower and educate stakeholders in the agriculture sector to improve on the productivity of their land. For more training course offered by Agra ProVision, kindly contact Twaku Kayofa at 061 – 290 9364 / twakuk@agra.com.na / SMS training and your query to 40404.  
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