• November 18th, 2018
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Nudo rubbishes corruption claims


Windhoek The National Unity for Democratic Organisation (Nudo) says it is a pity Arnold Tjihuiko, its former MP, is only talking about alleged corruption in the minority party now that he has resigned. Nudo countered claims by Tjihuiko, who alleged that corruption and maladministration is rife in Nudo and that the party is run like a cuca shop by the top five. Nudo’s deputy secretary general Vetaruhe Kandorozu yesterday rubbished the allegations and questioned why Tjihuiko did not make these allegations during his time in parliament on a Nudo ticket. “The last congress we had was in 2013. The financial reports were supposed to be tabled there. At that time he (Tjihuiko) was in charge of economic affairs. He was supposed to avail the report at that platform but he did not do so,” Kandorozu said. He also questioned whether Tjihuiko is indeed a registered Nudo member: “When he handed in his resignation letter he failed to return the membership card, it makes us wonder if he ever acquired one.” According to Kandorozu, “We are happy as a party that we could help Tjihuiko in one way or another, because the pension he is enjoying right now after serving in parliament for a decade is because of Nudo, the fishing quotas he is enjoying is also because of the party.” Kandorozu accused Tjihuiko of being self-centred by abandoning the party, because he is no longer in its top leadership structure. “Now that he is not in parliament and holds no position, all of a sudden the party is not good enough. It just shows that he is someone who is not willing to be led by others,” said Kandorozu. Tjihuiko yesterday laughed off claims by Kandorozu that he does not hold a membership card, which would suggest he was not a bona fide Nudo member. “They do not understand how things work, when you apply to join the party you pay for a [membership] card so in the end it is up to you to return it or not. But if that is the case I can help them and return it, together with the party souvenirs I have,” he said. At the party’s 2013 congress Tjihuiko was the party’s secretary for economic affairs, hence he indicated that it was the responsibility of the incumbent finance secretary to table the financial report to congress. Tjihuiko last week resigned from Nudo after 12 years in the party, saying: “Nudo lost its vision and the principles it stood for when it left DTA. Under the current leadership the party is being run like a cash loan or cuca shop.” After leaving parliament, Tjihuiko still served on the party’s second highest decision-making body, the National Council. Nudo’s constitution makes provision for all sitting and former MPs to be members of the National Council – albeit without voting rights.
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2015-08-13 10:24:15 3 years ago

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