• November 13th, 2018
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Blossom’s fashion line designs raises eyebrows

Time Out
Time Out

  Windhoek RUUSA Munalye, popularly known as Blossom, fashion clothing line, Blossom Wear, posted online recently, got off to bumpy ride when it was barraged by critics.  The songstress posted on her Facebook a picture of herself rocking a red see- through jumpsuit exposing her nearly naked body underneath as well as an unusual array of kiss-and-tell hot pants. However, this invited criticism of a sex-sell marketing tool. “I have great respect for this woman and her work but I’m so disappointed. I don't know why women think looking like this is beautiful. It displays lack of confidence in one’s ability as a woman, she's a beautiful woman, and one whom I believed to have class and elegance! This is degrading.” She was seconded by Camarada Jos Dominiquz adding: “I regard her as a gospel singer and therefore expected her to treat her body as a temple of God, live your words. We will respect you better without showing yourself otherwise. We know you for the good and therefore, expect you to be as so. Some of us like your music and would not want to regret that.” However, a few others including Imy Dudu Emvula applauded her for being brave and came to her rescue stating, “You look good girl, do your thing. I don't get why people hate. Why do we Namibians refuse to be open minded? We’re just too primitive.” Some of the disapprovals emphasised that many women in the industry often choose to use their bodies and sexuality to sell themselves to the public. Blossom claims that she has so far not seen criticism against her collection. In fact, many people approached her to dress them, she says.  “I think people are just surprised to see me in a different way that they were used to. Music and everything around us evolves, why can’t we?,” she aksed. The Komuthima Gwomeya hit maker says her collection is inspired by confidence, a touch of Africa and an urban feel.  “We are all entitled to be confident and spontaneous; art is a flexible and objective industry. My music is inspired by my unique life experiences and perception, originality and a fresh look is what links my music, personality, and my clothing taste,” says Blossom. Blossom-1 Blossom-2 Blossom-4
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2015-08-14 13:33:59 3 years ago

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