• November 14th, 2018
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Om’nenenhu Dazzle is now Ndawana

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Afro-pop singer, Immanuel Ndawanapo Ndume, popularly known as Om’nenenhu Dazzle in music circles has now changed his name to Ndawana. This came as a bombshell to many, especially his fans. He says changing his musical name was basically to use his very own name because  and be confident to be the personality he is. “I am now aiming for the international music scene and using my real name will tell the world who I am contrary,” says Ndawana. He adds that changing his name and image is just a way of “stepping up my games as an artist, as I decided to pursue my musical career to another level”. The singer started music production at the tender age of 13 years after learning by himself several music composition lessons at different music studios countrywide. He started digging into the world of music while in high school. Ndawana came into the musical limelight in 2011, after releasing his hit and popular song titled African Nature.  He released his debut album, Eengano, earlier last year, which was appreciated by many. His music video, Kandaha Kanga, shot by Clear Vision Film has been making waves around the country. Focusing, he begun working with different local artists such as Young T, Dama MoniQue and Neslow. He has also worked with popular Afro-music star and the winner of the Best Newcomer award at this year’s Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs), Kalux. After dropping Eengano last year, he was nominated for the NAMAS this year. He recently released his new single titled Ondjila Oile (Long Journey), as a foretaste to his upcoming album, set to be released in September. The song went viral on social networks after being leaked by a friend before its launching. The single also made him one of the most loved Namibia Afro-Pop singers today. He is currently looking for a Manager and can be reached via dazzlendume@gmail.com.
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