• November 18th, 2018
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Prime Minister must dismantle OPM trade fair entourage

Dear Right Honourable Prime Minister, we are your staff members at the OPM and we are unhappy with the way events and shows are being attended by some of the colleagues at the office. Many times we came to learn that many events are being only attended by those officials who are always favoured by their managers. It is also a habit that the same officials are attending these events while others are just neglected. To us this is very unfair and we, therefore, request that the attendance of events should be always rotated as is being done by other ministries. By trying to bring up this issue, Right Honourable Prime Minister, we refer to the upcoming Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair. All along the people who attend this fair are always the same. But this time we request you, Right Honourable Prime Minister, to intervene and ensure that those who have already attended this or other shows should give the opportunity to others. Every staff member can exhibit the work of the office properly, because we all know about our services. Therefore, please Right Honourable Prime Minister do us a favour: those who did not have this opportunity before should be allowed to attend this year’s show. Concerned staff members, Office of the Prime Minister
New Era Reporter
2015-08-14 12:25:58 3 years ago

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