• November 14th, 2019

Agra’s biggest branch ready for grand opening

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Business & Finance

WindhoekAgra’s newest and biggest branch is in the home stretch of preparations for its grand opening. Agra Retail opened its Agra Hyper branch for business on Monday, July 20 and the company is now ready to have the branch officially opened by Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa, tomorrow, while the grand opening will take place on Friday. On the day of opening the branch was stocked to the roof with products to the value of N$28 million, which includes 3 000 additional product lines. New product ranges include, inter alia, the DIY Depot; a paint mixing station; home décor; an extensive range of hunting and outdoor products; power tools; electrical household appliances and lots of home ware. Clients for the first time also enjoyed the month-end specials that are usually a big attraction at all Agra branches. With retail space of more than 8 000m² the challenges that usually accompany the month-end bustle at Agra branches will not be a problem at the Agra Hyper branch, the company says. The enormity of the product and service offering outside the retail store in the feeds and licks store and the bulk storage yard is also impressive and convenient. A total of 52 truck loads of 35 360 bags of feeds and licks comprising 1 768 tons was offloaded before the opening, as well as four containers with fencing material and steel, and six truck loads full of salt rock and bags of salt. Building material and necessities such as door and window frames, bricks, sand, rock, cement and a variety of steel products in various shapes and sizes also form part of the product offering at Agra Hyper. Agra purchased three trucks and six forklifts to be able to deliver efficient customer service on the premises, as well as after sales deliveries. Agra Hyper currently has a large number of products on special promotion until tomorrow, exclusively to the branch, as well as the usual mid-month grocery specials.
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