• November 18th, 2018
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Omaruru football going to the dogs … Dry pitches threaten sports development

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

Omaruru The seemingly endless wrangles that have engulfed the Omaruru Town Council and the portfolio ministry in recent years have also taken their toll on the town’s inhabitants. Basic services, such as the regular removal of waste and the maintenance of recreational facilities have ground to a halt. The beautiful game of football did not escape the wrath of the ongoing shenanigans that saw the entire town council grounded by the line minister, for close to two years now. Town resident and one of the area’s promising footballers, Collin Pitt, a midfielder with leading local football club, Young Cosmos, poured his heart to New Era Sport out over the sorry state of affairs in his native enclave. “It’s been going from bad to worse since the suspension of the town council. The municipality is using heavy sewage trucks to water the Maboke sports field, but the practice is causing more damage to the turf rather than offering any remedy. “We’re saddled with an uphill battle, clubs are no longer allowed to use the field and as a result, we are obliged to play official football matches on uneven gravel fields with no floodlights, causing games to be disrupted unnecessarily when darkness sets in,” a clearly disappointed Pitt said. Omaruru’s largest residential area, Ozondje (Scorpions) boasts nine competitive football teams who usually compete against teams from Okombahe, Kalkfeld, Karibib and the Air Base. The state-of-the-art Ozondje sports field, equipped with floodlights, netball courts, a grand stand and an athletic track, has become an eye-sore, as the dressing rooms and ablution facilities have been vandalised, while the playing surface resembles a dry field of mahangu crop. Currently, there are no proper league structures in place, leaving the teams to wait for the country’s football governing body (NFA) to come to their rescue by giving clear directives. Collin-Pitt
New Era Reporter
2015-08-18 11:17:09 3 years ago

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