• November 17th, 2018
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Miss Namibia, REALLY??!!

Miss Namibia has become an eye, ear, nose, head sore for Namibians. Whatever firm that was contracted to organise Miss Namibia is out of touch with entertainment and consumer trends. The pageant was downright boring! I love Sam Batola and Blossom! But why force them to sing the national anthem? Because that is how they sounded. FORCED! Like, if you do not sing, we will not give you plots! Amupanda---#Whistles--saaaaa! Ag nee man. Why? Why? Why? I understand the idea behind them opening with the pageant with a live ensemble of the national anthem but Blossom and Sam were not the right voices to execute that task. In music, there are different kinds of vocalists. A vocal pairing of Tayshawn and Sally could’ve worked. Ponti and Adora could’ve worked too. Hell, even Lil D and Tunackie could’ve pulled it off. Ok, now I’m pushing it…LOL. Another bone of contention was the absence of title bars. You know those ka little things that comes on that helps a viewer identify with someone that appears on their screen? Yes, those ka-thingikies. I have to thank my deeper knowledge on Entertainment in Namibia to have survived that show. Mara, how about the ordinary viewer who does not give a rat’s ass about whom Kuda is or who Lize Ehlers is? The title bars could’ve really come in handy for a neutral viewer. Ano, just what did the Miss Namibia organisers promise the sponsors? There was too much emphasis on the sponsors. From the horribly executed red carpet, right until the end of the show it was just “We thank our sponsors, we thank our sponsors…” Og. Etse. Like they had to beg the sponsors to come on board and had to thank them every draaitjie! Sponsors should be thanking One Africa TV and the organisers of the pageant for creating a platform where their brands came to life. Mxii. The trend of having sponsors serve on the judge’s panel is not right. What do these people know about beauty queening? Get experts from around Africa to judge. Another annoying habit that I have observed with keen interest over the past few months at A-List events is MCs not introducing the performers. What is the logic in not introducing a performer? If it is too much to ask of an MC to come out and introduce an entertainer, let us have a ghost voice do the damage!...(To be continued) Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM  Song of the week:  Under Construction: Welcome Flop of the week:  Salt Boy: Take it over Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind (twitter)    
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2015-08-21 12:49:03 3 years ago

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