• November 17th, 2018
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Goats start eating meat as drought begins to bite


Windhoek Residents of Mix settlement who spoke to New Era over the weekend expressed dismay at livestock that have started to help themselves to people’s food at the settlement where there is no grazing. Goats are ruminants that forage on grass and on shrubs, but because of the prevailing drought at Mix settlement, goats have started eating meat and porridge left unattended at the informal settlement. Matheus Mbindama and Moses Goagoseb were bitter when they spoke of the stray goats and sheep that are apparently notorious for eating people’s food due to limited grazing. “Why are the owners of these livestock even allowing their animals to stray? Just recently I found my food eaten by goats in my shack when I went to the neighbours. If I injure or kill the animals I will get in trouble,” retorted an agitated Mbindama. Goagoseb said, “I don’t get drought relief food, because I’m registered in a different constituency from this one. I buy food with my own money and it pains me when the livestock eat up my food like that”. According to the men, goats at the settlement are even known for eating food in pots left outside in this unusual behaviour. “As you can see most of us here cook outside. The goats even eat hot porridge and meat in the pots. “Even people selling here (at the settlement) will not make the mistake of leaving their fruits and vegetable unattended. If they do, they will find goats eating their things,” said Mbindama. The owners of the livestock apparently refuse to take responsibility when confronted about possible compensation. “The owner can even refuse to compensate us for our food, saying it’s not his fault but that of the goat,” said an agitated Goagoseb. New Era tried in vain to get hold of the committee representatives of Mix settlement, but were not able to reach them by the time of going to print. Mix is situated 20 kilometres north of Windhoek in the Windhoek rural constituency.
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2015-08-25 10:37:21 3 years ago

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