• November 19th, 2018
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Estranged wife threatens to set family alight


Ongwediva An estranged wife from Oneleiwa in Ongwediva is said to have recently threatened to burn herself and her six children in the family home. Initially the woman spread dry grass all over the house saying she planned to set the home on fire. However, when her neighbours arrived at the house she reportedly told them that she would also set herself and her six children on fire. The incident occurred on August 22. The estranged woman, Gloria Ileni, spread grass in all the rooms as well as under all the beds in the house. Ndeshipanda Ileni, who shares the house with her brother Erastus Ileni and his estranged wife Gloria Ileni, related that she received a call from a neighbour saying Gloria had sent her children to a nearby cuca shop to buy a box of matches, so that she could set herself and her six children on fire. “But the neighbour refused the children the matches,” said Ndeshipanda Ileni. It is alleged the wife has since moved out of the bedroom and now sleeps in a shack used to store kitchen utensils. It is also claimed she turned her children against their father. According to Erastus problems in the household started when his estranged wife started selling goods from their home. According to the headman of Oneileiwa, Silas Ndakolonkoshi, Gloria was found guilty on a charge of theft of a power generator, at a traditional hearing in August 2014. Gloria, who had initially accused a fellow villager of the theft of the generator, finally admitted guilt and was asked to replace the generator as she had already sold it. Gloria was also asked to pay compensation of N$1 500 to her husband. Ndakolonkoshi said Gloria had admitted to wanting to set the house on fire. Erastus has called on the police to take seriously reports of violence perpetrated by wives against husbands. Erastus spoke of an incident where police officers turned away an abused man and instead laughed at him. “But one day, when he fought back he was arrested.” Erastus also advised fellow men to refrain from butchering and killing their wives. He advised men to instead take their wives back to their families. “Don’t kill them or beat them, take them back where you got them from. Their families need them,” said Erastus. Gloria who has since returned to her parental home could not be reached for comment as calls to her mobile phone went unanswered.  
New Era Reporter
2015-08-27 13:25:50 3 years ago

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