• November 19th, 2018
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Tangeni Nakale Fun Day lights up Okahandja Park

Special Focus, Sport, Sports
Special Focus, Sport, Sports

Windhoek - The Okahandja Park Sports Field, holed up in the heart of the Okahandja Park informal settlement on the outskirts of Windhoek, was recently a huge hive of activities when local sports organiser Tangeni Nakale hosted a massive fun day for the community. A renown keen sports enthusiasts himself, Nakale early his year embarked on a courageous life journey of taking hope to the hopeless and empower the youth of the Okahandja Park informal settlement through sport. With little financial and material support from generous companies such as Marathon Sugar, Fruit & Veg and Coca Cola; Nakale solely initiated and successfully hosted the first edition of the Tangeni Nakale Fun Day in March this year, with the objective of providing the community's school going children a platform were they could excel at sports while having fun. Following the success of the maiden edition, Nakale recently returned to the settlement to stage the 2nd edition of the fun day which consisted of a 2-km race. The race attracted more than 40 children from different age groups who all harmoniously participated together, with the various winners receiving certificates and goodie bags while the rest of the participants also got juicy some snacks to chew on. "I really have to thank the entire community of Okahandja Park for throwing their weight behind the fun day and for just being part of it, it was great having them all there. My aim is to give the children a chance to compete and enjoy themselves in a friendly environment but most importantly, it's for them to have fun," said Nakale. Nakale, who called on all good Samaritans to come on board and make a difference in the lives of the fellow disadvantaged Namibians, said plans are currently underway to host another fun day early next year, all depending on the availability of sponsors. Reward
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