• November 19th, 2018
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Will the real SPYL secretary please stand up


Windhoek Swapo’s politburo has endorsed Veikko Nekundi as the legitimate acting secretary for the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), a move that deal a blow to the other faction that was backing Eddie Kafita as the acting secretary if SPYL. Nangolo Mbumba, Swapo’s secretary general, yesterday also said the mother party has also endorsed the decision by the SPYL central committee to call an ordinary meeting within 21 days. The SPYL has been polarised since the expulsion of its secretary, Dr Elijah Ngurare, in July with the majority of the 11-men national executive committee (NEC) members electing Kafita as the acting secretary. Nekundi, the former deputy secretary who have very little support in the NEC, was suspended. However, the central committee, which the SPYL’s highest, decision making body, last week Thursday confirmed Nekundi as the acting secretary. The central committee is made up of 50 members. Nekundi yesterday said the youth league’s executive would meet tomorrow to decide on a date for the next central committee (CC) meeting. “I am urging all the NEC members to respect the legitimate structures of SPYL so that we can all work together,” Nekundi said. However, majority of the NEC members backing Kafita are not happy with the decision by the mother body, and maintain that Kafita is still the legitimate secretary of SPYL. Six of the national executive committee members have publicly expressed their opposition over central committee resolution that empowers Nekundi to act as secretary in Ngurare’s place. They are Kafita, Ramona Hidileko, Paulus Mbangu, Imms Nashinge, Josephat Hiwana, Siola Ikela and Menthel Links. Mbangu who is the SPYL’s secretary for labour told New Era that last week’s CC meeting was mere hogwash that was convened illegally. “Last week’s CC was a farce, even the delegates that attended that meeting did not receive any allowance from SPYL, their transport and accommodation was paid for by some people in the CC. That in itself should say a lot because the independence and objectivity of the CC members is ruined,” he said, adding: “That was not an SPYL meeting, in fact the youth league did not even spend a single cent on accommodation and transport for the delegates.” Last week’s CC tasked Nekundi, in his capacity as acting secretary, to call for a NEC meeting within seven days and for the NEC to call for a CC meeting within 21 days. Failure to that the central committee has empowered the acting secretary to call for a CC within the same timeframe. Mbumba had simply urged the youth to sort out their difference so that they can contribute to the growth of the party. Last week Neville Itope was elected to take up the final position on SPYL’s executive committee as the league’s information, publicity and mobilization secretary. Mbangu also denounced claims that the youth league is using its 2002 Constitution, instead of the 2012 harmonized version. Mbumba yesterday also reiterated that the youth league is using its 2002 constitution, despite several decisions being taken according to the harmonized version.
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2015-09-02 10:46:59 3 years ago

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