• November 19th, 2018
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FNB to open second branch in Rundu

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Rundu First National Bank (FNB) will open a second branch at the new Rundu Mall Safland complex, where construction work is ongoing, in December. The decision to open another branch follows persitent complaints from clients about only one FNB branch having to serve the two Kavango regions. Last December the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa, while on leave in the region, also complained of the absence of service. He said he had engaged the FNB management sometime back to look into the situation. Kavango residents have been peeved at FNB’s response to their complaints about there not being enough ATMs, and that people have to commute long distances to withdraw cash. “Due to the increase in population in the region a decision was taken to open a second outlet in Rundu to serve our customers. The new outlet will be situated in the Safland complex and will service the business and premium segments,” FNB’s group manager for corporate communications, strategic marketing and communications, Victoria Muranda, said. “Strong emphasis is placed on our ‘self service’ channel with provision to be made for ATMs, of which four will be at the branch and one within the complex, which is already operational.” Currently all banking segments from the two Kavango regions use one branch. The new plans will ease pressure at the current FNB branch in Galaxy Mall in the centre of Rundu. “At the moment if you go to the Rundu branch you will find people depositing cash for different companies and businesses, all standing in one queue, in the same branch. So what we want to do is direct business banking – people who have businesses, small or big - to use the new branch more and leave the current Rundu branch more to other consumers. So all the businesses will know that they don’t go where there are other consumers because there will be queues,” Muranda said. “Phase one will have three tellers with the option to expand further with more tellers, when the agency will be upgraded to a branch in phase two; and when fully functional as a branch it will consist of an area of approximately 880 square metres,” said Muranda.
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