• November 13th, 2018
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Governor to open trust account for Rundu quadruplets


Rundu Kavango West Governor Sirkka Ausiku plans to open a trust account for the quadruplets who were born on August 21 in the Rundu State Hospital. She made the announcement last Tuesday afternoon at the maternity ward where the babies are incubated, after visiting the quadruplets’ grandparents at Ncamagoro village, some 45 kilometres southwest of Rundu, along the Trans-Zambezi Highway in Kavango West Region. The plan is also to solicit funds from good Samaritans and the general business community, to put up a secure and suitable house for the brood, as the mud wall and zinc roof structure that the mother uses is too small for the kids as the couple already have two other babies – a 6-year-old and 4-year-old. “We as the governor’s office are planning to open an account so that the general public and business people can put their funds there – any amount they wish to assist the family. Assisting the needy should be a culture we should adapt as Namibians,” Ausiku appealed. Both young parents Agnes Kasanga, 24, and Johannes Ndara, 27, are basically unemployed and Ndara only works as a casual labourer in the grape fields in the south of the country. Ausiku, who was out of the region at the time the quadruplets were delivered, was accompanied by her special advisor Heiki Ausiku, her personal assistant Shipapo Hendrina and Kapako/Ncamagoro Constituency councillor Frieda Siwombe. They first went to Ncamagoro village to see where the mother of the quadruplets comes from and where they will be accommodated once discharged from hospital. “We went to see the grandparents of the quadruplets from both sides, to ask them how we can assist them, if the mother and sons are discharged where will they be staying and we saw that the place Agnes Kasanga (the mother of the babies) uses is too small for the babies. “So the parents who are unable to build something better for the kids and the grandparents asked if we can, through the governor’s office, sensitise the business community as well as any other good Samaritans out there to assist where they can to put money together and build something for the couple and kids,” Ausiku said. Furthermore, Ausiku appealed to the Kavango West community as well the entire Namibia to assist the couple and their quadruplets through the governor’s office. Ausiku also applauded the four Rundu businesses, namely, Armstrong Construction, Namibia Investment Contacts, Gaga Guest House and Uhaku Pharmacy, whose representatives paid a surprise visit to the mother of the quadruplets on August 28 and 30 to hand over their donations. “I was happy to have read in the paper that the mother and babies received assistance from the four businesses,” she said.
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