• October 17th, 2018
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Patient injured in ‘failed operation’

Windhoek A female patient suffering from lower abdominal pains says her back was injured after she was taken to the operating theatre of Windhoek Central Hospital, where she was scheduled to undergo an operation on Friday. The operation did not take place as scheduled. Instead 35-year-old Wilka Kasera came out with blisters on her skin that later turned to a wound, members of her family told New Era. Her brother yesterday said they suspect the woman was subjected to an electric shock while she was in theatre. “My sister is not doing well. She told us that when they put her on anaesthetics she felt a burn, but could not do anything as she was too weak to stand up. I don’t know if they’re treating her the wound which she got in the theatre, or the problem she came here for [originally],” said her brother Karel Musenge, noting that she is currently recovering at the hospital. Musenge said medical personnel at the hospital have refused to take responsibility for his sister’s wound and dismissed it as an allergic reaction to the linen sheets on which she lay. But Musenge maintains the blisters were not caused by any allergy, as the blisters only became apparent after the woman was taken to the operating theatre. Also, Musenge complained that his sister is not receiving the quality of care she needs. “Care is not being given. They only dressed her wound once since Friday,” a visibly agitated Musenge said. “We want the Minister of Health to intervene, because problems like this are happening at many hospitals and some patients are losing their lives,” he further said. Several attempts to get a response from the Ministry of Health proved futile yesterday as phones went unanswered.
2015-09-08 09:43:08 3 years ago
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