• November 20th, 2018
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Alcohol abuse rife among youth - Kauandenge

Windhoek Nudo’s candidate for Katutura Central Constituency, Joseph Kauandenge, has expressed disappointment and concern over the scale of alcohol abuse among young people in the area. Kauandenge yesterday said alcohol consumption remains a serious challenge among the youth in the constituency, coupled with high unemployment and poverty. He said “responsible councillors in various constituencies will have to take the matter on board and respond more effectively.” Kauandenge called for drastic action to curb alcohol abuse among youth in the constituency. He said alcohol addiction and abuse is showing up in more and more killings through domestic violence, dangerous driving and disorderly behaviour, and there appears to be no overarching plan involving government and other stakeholders to address the scourge. “Institutions, such as the constituency council offices, that should be addressing some of this are doing nothing,” he said. He believes elected officials should be the transmission belt to central government of issues that confront the people and must seek solutions to these problems by engaging the community and being available when issues of concern arise. Additionally, he questioned the benefits the Katutura Expo – that has been held over the past three years in the Katutura Central Constituency – has for the local community. “One would like to know how it has benefitted the residents of this constituency, because clearly it has not, as after the closing ceremony each year hardly do you hear any financial reports of how the money generated is used and who benefits,” he said. He said the Herero Mall is another issue that needs urgent attention. “The current proposal to turn it into market stands will only benefit a selected few and not the vast majority of those trading there,” he said. He believes there is a need to revisit the plan and determine ways and means that the majority can benefit from the proposed upgrading of the place. Furthermore, he is concerned about the rate at which senior citizens’ houses are being repossessed, noting that “their inability to pay for water and electricity is worrisome and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”
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