• November 18th, 2018
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IK Osakioduwa shares presentation tips

Time Out
Time Out

Bel Ombre, Mauritius Known for his hilarious and unpredictable personality, Nigerian media personality, IK Osakioduwa, popularly known as IK, is just someone you can’t hate but love. After witnessing him present the dynamic five-day MultiChoice Africa Content Extravaganza, I think it’s safe to call him a master extraordinaire of ceremonies. Being a familiar face on our screens hosting popular TV shows like Big Brother Africa, and being the one of the best across the continent, IK devoted some tip to local aspiring presenters on what makes a good presenter and  what every presenter should keep in mind before taking on a show to become the best Know Your Content A great presenter is someone who knows and understands completely his or her content or his package. You don’t have to be charismatic, you don’t have to be funny but you definitely have to understand what you are presenting to the people. More than anything you need to understand every little thing about the show you are presenting, whether it’s a radio show, live show or TV show. Ask questions if there is anything you are not sure about, find out and research it…if there’s something you are uncomfortable with, talk about it with the organisers. If you can’t be comfortable with what you need to present then you are not the right person to present it to someone else. People will have questions and have to able to answer. You are a marketer so know your products. Don’t compromise on your research because if you do not what you are presenting you wasting every body’s time… content is the key. Appearance and Presentation Image is important because people are visual beings, they want to see you first and judge you based on what they see… I know many people like to be known for who they are inside but in truth people will judge you in how you look. When I first started it was more about my content and not looks which is the important part but I realise that people will perceive you based on your presentation. Dress right to compliment the show because your dress code interprets the content as to what you are presenting. For example If I’m addressing congress, I try to dress formally and try to look my part, so they can pay attention to me, however if I was to rock up with jeans it will not make me less knowledgeable but it can make it difficult for them to hear what I have to say. Personality and Confidence It’s important to be self-reliant in what you saying… you are marketer, you got to be convincing. If you walk into a room and you have to present something you’ve researched on, you will feel more confident. If it’s a concert go to the rehearsal to see what’s going to be fun about it, and then you can make a promise of what’s to come to the crowd. As a presenter you should be able to make people comfortable and be flattering because it makes relating easier…it’s also in your best interest to be polite and sweet because the more you give the more they are willing to give back to you. Take criticism No one likes getting criticism but learn to not take things to heart. Don’t take it personal. Some people will not like you even though it’s nice to be liked by a lot of people but you don’t have to be liked by everyone. However, sometimes it’s better to listen to those critics and not only listen to your friends and family. Learn from the views of others and use them for positive development. Improve yourself with criticism, listen, take the good stuff and throw out the bad stuff. Time and training Presenting takes work and preparation; it’s an easy job but requires a lot of time and training. If you ever have the opportunity to be trained, do it, take it, if you can pay for it then pay for it. If you don’t have money for training, go online, there are so many people who offer training for free…know that knowledge is power, the more you can get, the more you can give. This will make you self-aware on how to present. IK-2 Ik-and-Banky
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2015-09-11 11:49:47 3 years ago

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