• November 19th, 2018
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Three survive horrific car crash


Rundu Three people travelling on the Trans-Zambezi Highway escaped death after a speeding BMW collided head-on with a Nissan SUV after hitting a VW Passat it was trying to overtake. The high-speed impact reduced the BMW to an unreconisable wreck that was cut in half. The boot of the BMW also broke into two parts and was crushed into bits and pieces. The vehicle can now only be reconised by the logo on its steering. The collision occurred on Wednesday night at around 21h00 at Mashare village 48 kilometres outside Rundu. “The driver of the BMW was trying to overtake the VW Passat and realised the oncoming vehicle was actually too near. He crashed into the Passat when he tried to go back into his lane, and lost control and hit the oncoming Nissan SUV head-on,” said one police investigator who was at the scene. The white BMW had a Rehoboth registration number N3841R, while the blue Passat had a Rundu registration N100100RU and the black Nissan SUV had the registration N18314W and was possibly heading for Katima Mulilo. One of the drivers Sebastian Andreas, who is a nurse at Nyangana Health Centre in Ndiyona Constituency, sustained head and leg injuries. The VW Passat was being driven towards Rundu by its owner Jafet Litwayi a resident of Rundu, who sustained a left arm open wound, while the driver of the black Nissan SUV was David Sinombe, a resident of Katima Mulilo. All three drivers were rushed by ambulance to the Rundu State Hospital for immediate medical attention and were all admitted for treatment. They were reported to be in a stable condition. All three cars had no passengers - only drivers. Nissan
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2015-09-11 09:37:35 3 years ago

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