• November 20th, 2018
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Agra celebrates 35 years

Farmers Forum
Farmers Forum

Windhoek Agra last week celebrated 35 years of existence in Namibia, a week after the company celebrated the opening of their largest branch at the new Agra Hyper centre on August 19. Agra looks back at 35 eventful years of agricultural business in Namibia and with more than 4300 shareholders; about 700 employees; 19 branches countrywide and an annual turnover of over N$1,9 billion, it has been impacting Namibia’s economy. It has grown tremendously since it took over the assets of the South African business, Boere Koöperatief Beperk (BKB) and is still indispensable in the agricultural industry. It is playing a crucial role as the provider of inputs to the agricultural industry and in the marketing of livestock and the country’s Swakara pelts, as well as proving expert advice, mentoring and training. Agra is positive about the future. Being conscious of the difficult farming conditions and the cyclical nature thereof, Agra has diversified its business to be able to provide for a large clientele and ensure its sustainability by a more diverse and constant income stream. Some of the smaller Agra branches are on the priority list for upgrading and expansion and Agra is also in the process of establishing a branch in Rundu, which will be opened later this year.
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