• November 19th, 2018
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Ex-combatant Namibian women enter the previously dominated industry of Automotive Services with Wangara Motor Spares

Windhoek Wangara Motor Spares has been in business for the past 3 years and offers a variety of automotive services in areas such as Vehicle Supply & Leasing, Tyre sales & Fitment, Fuel & Lubricants, Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking. What makes Wangara Motor Spares stand out from the rest, is the fact that they have a mobile wheel alignment unit to provide tyre services at clients’ locations. One can get a puncture say between Windhoek and Okahandja, and with the services of Wangara Motor Spares, they will be able to come out, repair or replace your tyre right on the spot, and your journey could continue. “When a tyre is imbalanced, it will rotate asymmetrically, causing wobbles and ride disturbance which will increase with speed. This can in turn knock out your suspension and cause more costly problems,” said Wangara Financial Manager, Justina Shingenge. Apart from tyre repairs and wheel alignment services, Wangara Motor Spares has a 24/7 Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking solution for any vehicle owner. The Digit Vehicle Tracking System that is exclusive to Wangara Motor Spares in Namibia is authorized by Insurance companies. Vehicle owners are able to access their vehicles in real time or produce historic reports for better tracking and planning. The reports can be used as logbooks for tax purposes. Wangara Motor Spares’ founding members are previously disadvantaged Namibian women, who are all ex-combatants. They took up the challenge and decided to join the male dominated industry of automotive services. Being bold and fearless from the experience of the liberation of Namibia, these ex-combatant women are confident that the company will be successful. “Our state- of-the-art workshop will adhere to the most stringent standards while our equipment will be checked on a daily basis and follow its calibration schedule to the letter. Reduction of road fatalities due to poor tyre products and services is the main objective of our diligent team of well-trained and experienced technicians. We also ensure that we are always up-to-date on the latest research and development in the field of auto fitment technology,” said the Managing Director of Wangara Motor Spares, Elizabeth Asino-Joseph.
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2015-09-15 10:19:54 3 years ago

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