• November 19th, 2018
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Sound labour relations boost growth – NUNW SG


Lüderitz Secretary general (SG) of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) Job Muniaro has applauded the Lüderitz Town Council for taking the initiative to strengthen labour relations in the town. Muniaro recently made these remarks when he spoke at a labour gathering held at a hotel in Lüderitz. Muniaro noted that engaging in dialogue on labour issues will see the hopes of the town advance to create decent work, better working conditions, peace, prosperity and the promotion of rights at work, effectively and efficiently. He said that Namibia to this day still faces socio-economic challenges, adding that over the years the needs of its workers have changed significantly as a result of dynamic global challenges. He said that the theme of the conference, “Positive relations, for prosperous growth” is one that promotes growth and cannot be overemphasised. Indeed strong relations between employers and employees should be encouraged to achieve prosperous growth. To achieve goals of economic stability, one has to be organized, noted the NUNW secretary general. Speaking from a trade unionist point of view, this involves spending less time on infighting and to focus more on responses to the crises at hand, he said. “We need to equip our workers accordingly in order to deal with new challenges and the global changes taking place. To do so we need more skills development and training for workers. Training of workers will create space for economic growth, prosperity and increase productivity,” said Muniaro.
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2015-09-15 09:57:36 3 years ago

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