• November 17th, 2018
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Indongo Toyota takes top honours at Customer Service Awards

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Windhoek Indongo Toyota clinched the category of Best Overall Customer Service and Best Car Dealership at the second Customer Service Excellence Awards on Tuesday evening. The awards were based on research findings from the 2015 nationwide customer service survey, which was conceived and commissioned by Customer Service Africa as part of a campaign to promote excellent customer service in Namibia. The National Customer Service Household survey reached 1 500 households nationwide and their occupants were interviewed on their experience of customer service in fifteen key sectors that have a major impact on our daily lives, namely, supermarkets, banks, health services, municipal services, energy, telecommunications, home affairs, inland revenue, insurance services, post office services, education services, car dealerships, convenience food, restaurant chains and leisure resorts. Speaking at the opening of the awards ceremony, City of Windhoek Councillor Brumelda Cornelius, on behalf of the mayor Muesee Kazapua, spoke about the city’s efforts to try and deliver a good service to the residents of Windhoek, despite ongoing challenges such as the influx of people that come to Windhoek from other parts of the country, rapid urbanization, land delivery and a shortage of housing. She noted the ever increasing percentage of households that cannot afford to pay for utilities, but that nevertheless depend on basic municipal services for a better quality of life. She compared the status of service delivery in Windhoek to capital cities in Africa. She said: “Our transport and housing problems, while a challenge that deserve serious attention, are still manageable compared to the serious predicament faced by virtually every capital city on this continent. I am proud that we have so far, and in cooperation with our partners at parastatals, managed to stave off the serious water and electricity shortages that plague so many of our neighbours.” The event was also attend by the Minister of Home Affairs Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana and several captains of industry. Winners
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