• November 14th, 2018
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Western Youth Choir Champ of Champs

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Jan Mohr School Hall was jampacked by Choral fans as the National Choir Competition reached its final last Saturday here. Despite the heat course by overcrowding and lack of chairs of with many fans not able to seat, the audience gave enthusiastic support to their favorite choirs till the end. Even the crowd cheered openly favouring the College of the Arts (COTA) Youth Choir but scooped to the coveted trophy by the Western Youth Choice and the COTA Youth Choir had to settle for the second best place. The Otjiwarogo Youth Choir came third. Each Choir performed three songs but judgement was based on only one song. It was a remarkable competition where all choir went out of their way to give an amazing performance. Latoya Gawachas says COTA gave the best by following the voices and manage to keep their voices online. She adds that the Southern Youth Choir also gave a good performance. “Southern Youth Choir was outstanding they stood together and performed very well although COTA stood out,” says Bruzelle Ockhuizen. “COTA performance was awesome, but I like the way the Western Youth Choir stood out with their beautiful voice. They surely deserved what they got because they pull their voice together and stood strong,” says Mercy /Uises. The Director of the Western Youth Choir, Roger Nautoro, says not only are they Champ of Champs now but also the face of the country as they are going to represent Namibia at the World Choir Games in Sushi, Russia next July, and the International Choral Missions and Invitations. “Indeed we did it with God’s help,” says Nautoro. The Western Youth Choir walked away with N$30 000 while the College of the Arts (COTA) Youth Choir (COTA) received N$20 000 and Otjiwarongo Youth Choir took home N$10 000.
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