• June 26th, 2019
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Booysen family reacts to Barman’s sentencing

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Windhoek The father of Melanie Booysen, the young woman who was killed by her boyfriend Jeffrey Barman at their then four-year-old daughter’s birthday party in 2012, said justice was served when the killer was sent to jail for 26 years on Monday. Melanie’s father Daniel Booysen said although the case took a bit long, the court has pronounced itself on the matter, and that is what is important. New Era visited the family home yesterday morning in Golgota, a day after Barman’s sentencing in the High Court. The case attracted a lot of attention, as it was another senseless intimate relationship killing of a young woman, who left behind a child who now has no biological parents to care for her and show her love. Before the incident, Barman was temporarily accommodated at the Booysen’s home as his own family had booted him from their home. Melanie and Barman have a daughter whose birthday party turned into a nightmare when her father slit her mother’s throat with a broken bottle. This after a quarrel broke out between Melanie and Barman over burnt braai meat, witnesses said. When New Era visited the family home, Melanie’s mother was at work and their grandchild, who is now in Grade 1, was at school. Booysen invited the reporter and offered her a seat. The Booysens were not at court on Monday but were informed by relatives and friends about the court judgment. Asked about how the family felt about the judgment, he said: “I don’t have much comment, you know people misinterpret things and might say that the old man (Booysen) is not happy with the verdict.” Booysen said that as family they have accepted what had happened and they will continue raising their grandchild. “We will not ask them (Barman’s family) what they will contribute towards the well-being of the child,” he said. He added that he was glad that the case has come to an end. Booysen said that while watching TV news on Monday evening their granddaughter recognised the father and asked what was happening. Her grandmother told her that the case was over. Booysen said their granddaughter might not now understand what happened but they will tell her when she grows up. “She (grandchild) has no problem, she plays with others and she is well,” Booysen adds.
New Era Reporter
2015-09-23 08:41:35 3 years ago

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