• April 21st, 2019
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Nekongo steps down after serving 17 years as councillor


Ongwediva Councillor of Onayena Constituency Marx Nekongo said he would step down as a happy man from the position as councillor he has held for the past 17 years. He was elected as councillor in 1998. Nekongo has also served as the chairperson of the Oshikoto Regional Council, where he was appointed in 2010. “I am really thankful to the people who voted me into power, the regional leadership as well as my fellow councillors with whom I have had many fruitful discussions to assist the community and develop the region at large,” said Nekongo. Nekongo would most likely be succeeded by Iyambo Natangwe Indongo, whose position will be determined in the upcoming local authority and regional council elections slated for later this year. So far in Oshikoto Region, Councillor Walde Sheyavali of Eengodi, Petrus Kambala of Onyaanya and Sacky Nangula of Omuntele Constituency are set to retain their positions as Swapo candidates to contest the upcoming elections. Josef Imbili of Okankolo is replaced by Hans Hambodi, Oniipa’s John Shiindi by Jerry Ngwena and Omuthiya’s Armas Amukoto by Samuel Shivute. The newly Nehale lya Mpingana will have Reinhold Shiningombwa contest the elections. Swapo in Tsumeb, Guinas and Olukonda constituencies have not yet finalised their vetting but it should be done by September 25, which the party has laid down as the cut-off date for submission of candidates. Swapo’s regional coordinator in Oshikoto Region, Armas Amukwiyu, confirmed the latest developments. Some of the prime developments under Nekongo’s watch includes the upgrading of Onayena from a settlement to a village council, while Oniipa is to be upgraded to a town council. Projects in the pipeline include the construction of a private hospital, a pharmacy as well as a filling station. During his tenure, Nekongo said, with the support of the Oshikoto Regional Council, eighteen schools in the constituency were electrified. All the schools in the region now also have water. Onayena clinic was upgraded to a health centre, while Andimba clinic is being upgraded to a health centre as well. Various gravel roads as well as tarred roads were built. Some of the roads commissioned this year include the Onalulago-Epembe and Onayena Omakange roads. “The challenges were there but we had issues with the budget. It would have been a smooth process if the budget was allocated by the people on the ground. By so doing the region would have been able to address many of the issues directly,” said Nekongo. Nekongo said he was ready to share his expertise and assist his successor when the need arises.
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2015-09-23 09:04:02 3 years ago

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