• November 21st, 2018
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Police seize two vehicles as several arrested

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Oshakati Prompt action by the police in Oshana Region yesterday led to the seizure of two vehicles and the arrest of several men suspected of transporting goods stolen from a shopping mall. In the first incident on Tuesday, a Nissan pickup was seized after it was used by criminals to transport stolen goods worth N$18 000. The Nissan was loaded with seven cartons of Tassenberg (Punya-Punya) wine, a jukebox and many other goods suspected to have been stolen by the suspects. The driver of the car was arrested while three others were still at large as they fled the scene. Yesterday police also received a tip-off from a member of the public alerting them to a silver Toyota Corolla being used for the transportation of various goods, allegedly stolen from various shops at Oshana Mall. The police rushed to the scene and apprehended four men including the driver. The stolen goods included car wash spray, bars of soap, leather belts, shoes and several leather jackets. Three of the men were found wearing women’s tights in which they reportedly stashed some of the stolen items. They also wore reflector jackets to apparently convince people that they worked in shops at the mall. The newly appointed Oshana Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Rauha Amweele, warned criminals that there is no room for them in Oshana. She further said they must not try to do “funny things in Oshana because no matter the tricks they use the Oshana police would arrest them”. StolenGoods
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2015-09-25 09:32:50 3 years ago

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