• November 19th, 2018
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Stolen goods worth N$164 000 seized

Special Focus, Crime and Courts
Special Focus, Crime and Courts

Emono Police in the Oshana Region yesterday impounded suspected stolen goods worth N$164 000 from a hatchback vehicle found abandoned in a mahangu field. At around 03h00 on Saturday six suspects reportedly disarmed a security guard at Ehafo Onamhandi Investment in Endola village in the Ohangwena Region, and tied and gagged him before stealing goods worth N$160 000, as well as the security guard’s rifle. On Monday traffic officers at a roadblock between Oshakati and Oshikuku tried to stop a Hyundai Matrix GLS that was speeding, but its occupants ignored their signals to stop and instead sped off. The traffic officers then pursued them in a car-chase, but the Hundai Matrix was later found abandoned at a nearby residence. In the car the police found two gambling machines, several pairs of shoes, an empty laptop bag and some cables, which the suspects reportedly used to tie the hands and legs of their victims. Two of the recovered gambling machines were stolen from a bar called Ehafo Onamhandi Investment in Endola village. According to John Namwoonde, the bar-owner, six criminals broke into his shop and tied up the security guard, then took an unspecified amount in cash and a mattress before fleeing with the security guard’s gun. It is understood that traffic officers spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle at the said roadblock. According the acting Oshana Regional Commander, Deputy Commisioner Nico Steenkamp, the traffic officers signalled to the driver to stop, but he refused. “The traffic officers then followed them until the mahangu field of Hilma Iimbondi, where the car was found abandoned. From there the criminals ran away on the foot,” the deputy commissioner said. The police officers rushed to the scene to track the two suspects, but could not catch them. The disc on the car pertains to a Toyota Hilux, while the getaway car is an Hundai Matrix. The police also found pangas and a fake Windhoek car registration number in the car. Namwoonde confirmed to the police that the jackpot belongs to him. He used the opportunity to thank the Oshana police for their hard work. He said there was money in all the gambling machines, but the police found none. Last week the Oshana police also impounded two vehicles transporting stolen goods and the six men apprehended have all appeared in court; no bail was granted. Steenkamp said criminals must bear in mind that there is no room for their activities in Oshana and they should not dare do illegal things. He cautioned local residents to be on the lookout for suspicious people and report them to the police as soon as possible. “With the support of the community we can do it ,” the deputy commissioner said.
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