• November 19th, 2018
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Sociology students donate N$2 000 to disabled boy


Windhoek A group of more than 100 sociology students at the University of Namibia (Unam) yesterday donated N$2 000 towards the family of a boy that, according to a recent New Era article, was born without an anus. The boy, whose name cannot be revealed for fear of victimisation, uses a hole surgically cut in his abdomen to excrete bodily waste. This newspaper reported last month that the family of the 10-year-old boy from Onampengu village was struggling to make ends meet due to the demands of his condition. Since the article appeared on September 2, the public’s reaction has been characterised by generosity and empathy, with donations steadily pouring in. New Era will coordinate the delivery of the students’ donation to the family at Onampengu this week. Some students spoke about why they feel it is necessary to give donations to the family. Due to the fact that he faces financial hardship, “I had to lend a helping hand, because this is a serious situation that anyone can face any day”, said John Mwenye, a third year student at Unam. A media student at the same university remarked that, “A hand that gives is a hand that is helping someone in need and in a difficult situation. It is really a touching story to hear what this young boy is going through and I hope that the donation will make a difference and change his story.” Tulimevava, a third year Library Science student, felt the need to donate because she realised that the boy is in pain and needs an operation. “The little we gave will make a big difference to his life,” she said. Two other students said giving is something great thing to do, especially if you are helping someone in need. “Being human only becomes fun when you are a difference-maker,” one said. Another said we should continue helping each other where we can as one nation. People should also feel free to talk about their problems, because there is always someone to help them, she said. Lydia Kauari, a lecturer in the sociology department, remarked that, “Whatever we are collecting helps - even if it is little. We are concerned that it is a social problem that affects society in one way or another, and we decided to contribute money as a sociology community to help this boy with the rare condition that he has.”
New Era Reporter
2015-10-01 09:14:20 3 years ago

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