• November 19th, 2018
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Nguvauva voted out at Okorukambe


Windhoek Deputy Minister of Works and Transport Kilus Nguvauva could lose his ministerial post after he lost the contest in which he sought re-election as Swapo’s candidate for the position of councillor of Okorukambe Constituency on Sunday. He has been councillor of Okorukambe, known until recently as Steinhausen, for the past 17 years. Nguvauva, who is also chief of the Ovambanderu, narrowly lost to Raphael Mokaleng by a single vote during the Swapo ordinary district conference that took place on Sunday at Epukiro RC in the Omaheke Region. Mokaleng was elected by 28 votes to Nguvauva’s 27 to stand as Swapo candidate for the Okorukambe Constituency. The election is scheduled for November 27. The result means Nguvauva would no longer be a member of the National Council and is, therefore, likely to be stripped of his ministerial post, as being a member of parliament is a prerequisite for holding a ministerial post. Nguvauva, who has been a deputy minister in various portfolios over the past ten years, yesterday said he harboured no ill feeling over the outcome of the internal election that has thrown the future of his political career into question. Instead, the deputy minister of works said he has a good story to tell about his 17 years at the helm of the constituency. “Firstly I want to thank all the people of Okorukambe, the mighty Swapo Party and the presidents for putting their trust in me,” he said. “To be re-elected in the same position for three consecutive terms means that I have been doing something good and for this I have to thank everyone,” he said. “The elections were free and fair and I commend Mr Mokaleng,” he added. Nguvauva is renowned for, among others, creating a better relationship between white commercial farmers and black farmers in his area. He was voted into the position in November 1998. The constituency was under the rule of the DTA before he ascended to power. Nguvauva was also instrumental in changing the name of Okorukambe Constituency from Steinhausen. He argued that Okorukambe was the original name of the area before it was unceremoniously changed to Steinhausen by the colonial regime. Meanwhile, the party also elected new candidates for other constituencies in the region. Nono Katjingisiua was elected as party candidate for Otjinene, Utiriua Kavari for Aminuis and Cornelius Kanguatjivi for Epukiro. Candidate Kanguatjivi replaces current Epukiro Councillor Ruth Kaukuata-Mbura. Gobabis Constituency Councillor Fillipus Katamelo, Otjombinde Constituency Councillor Karii Marenga and Kalahari Constituency Councillor Ignatius Kariseb were all re-elected to stand as party candidates in the November elections.
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