• November 21st, 2018
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Welder makes his own ‘aircraft’


Outapi A resident of Oshiputushakaone near Outapi in Omusati Region has become the talk of the sleepy settlement, where he has built his own aircraft, though it is short of an engine to take to the skies. Twenty-three-year-old Kareb Soini, who has never boarded an aircraft, says the aircraft he built from building materials only needs a car engine and a windshield to fly. Soini, whose passion has always been to manufacture aircraft, has so far assembled three planes that were unable to take off. Though New Era could not get comment from any aviation expert on the safety of such a cumbersome looking home-made aircraft, Soini is undetered and he wants members of the public to assist him with a car engine to make his dream to fly become a reality. Although Soini only attended school until Grade 8, he has completed a six-months welding course at the Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre (KAYEC), but he says welding is not his calling. “I want to study mechanics,” Soini enthused. Apart from building seemingly unflightworthy aircraft, Soini has also created a zebra out of metal objects. Soini acknowledges his adventures would not have been possible without the help of his childhood friend Mwatala Sheehama, whom he describes as a father, mentor and advisor. Sheehama is his main sponsor as he buys for Soini all the material that he uses to make the aircraft. Soini said he also assembled a motorbike that he used to commute from his home village to town. Soini has appealed to Namibians to help him with money to enable him to go and study at aircraft manufacturing institutions for him to become a professional aircraft manufacturer.
New Era Reporter
2015-10-06 08:30:08 3 years ago

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