• November 18th, 2018
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We will ensure nation-wide ICT services within 18 months - Tweya

Windhoek The Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Tjekero Tweya, yesterday said the ministry would strive to ensure the country enjoys nation-wide coverage of ICT services over the next 14 to 18 months. Speaking at the second national ICT Summit in Windhoek, Tweya said this would require a robust approach of implementation of infrastructure development, commitment and a deliberate spirit of sharing resources among industry players. “My approach will be to focus on the optimisation of dark spots in the current 70 percent coverage, which the existing infrastructure guarantees and upon satisfaction, ensure that the existing 70 percent coverage is increased to 100 percent. By so doing, the achievement of this milestone will produce inclusive positive results in enhanced education, information sharing and entertainment for consumers,” said Tweya when officially opening the summit. The summit, which is being organized by the ICT ministry, is taking place under the theme: “Bridging the digital gap.” Tweya added that as the head of the ICT ministry he would oversee the effective implementation of the communications legislation and regulations to address accessibility, affordability and the quality of information communication technology with the aim of creating a knowledge-based society. “It is further expected that the ICT mInistry will continue to strengthen accessibility of public information by the media in order to strengthen democracy and good governance, consolidating government information systems to ensure cohesive and integrated media communications from all offices, ministries and agencies,” said Tweya. Furthermore, Tweya remarked that various entities within government structures have implemented the e-governance system. “In the near future, we will see a modern, electronic system for the validation of real-time border controls, speedy approval and issuing of passport and visa applications,” noted Tweya. The ICT industry has been identified as the fastest growing industry in the world as information communication technologies of yesterday will be obsolete tomorrow, superseded by ever improving ICT efficiencies and breakthrough innovations. Meanwhile, ICT services and infrastructure that enable the digital economy have now become an integral part of everyday life
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