• October 17th, 2018
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//Kharas Development Trust gives highest ever amount to individual


Keetmanshoop The //Kharas Development Trust (KDT) came to the rescue of Jolanda Jaars, 25, with a cash injection of N$50 000 towards her studies at the Liaoning Medical University in China. Jaars was struggling to get financial support in order to pursue her studies in medicine in China, and the KDT gave her the financial boost just a week before she flies to Asia. Jaars, who already has a certificate in nursing, says she decided to seek financial support towards her studies after being admitted to the university, as she can’t manage to pay from her own pocket, even after her brother’s girlfriend took out a N$75 000 bank loan on her personal account to help her. She then approached the constituency office at Berseba and Councillor David Boois was quick to respond, notifying KDT about her situation and with KDT responding in a short period of time. Speaking at a small ceremony at Keetmanshoop on Tuesday, Boois only had praises and encouraging words for the young woman. Boois noted the importance of education saying the region through KDT has done its part and it’s now time for her to do hers. “I hope we will have a doctor in a few years’ time, but you concentrate only on your studies,” he said. Jaars seemed to be home sick already before she even took off, as she had mixed feelings about her studies abroad, saying she is happy to get such an opportunity but is so sad that she will be leaving all her friends and family behind. She is also uncertain of the years ahead as she can now only pay for her first year and doesn’t know where funds to cater for her studies for the other five years will come from, but she is optimistic something will come up. “For the other five years, God will provide a scholarship,” she said with strong faith. Giving advice to fellow young Namibians who want to further their studies but don’t have the financial capacity to do so, she said not giving up is the way to succeed. She said you will find closed doors and many rejections from office to office but in the end you will get somewhere if you look at the bigger goal that you want to achieve as a person. The KDT was established back in 2005 with the aim of promoting social development in the region
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