• November 19th, 2018
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Angola bank robbers on the run

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Windhoek The National Central Bureau in Lubango, Angola, is working around the clock – along with the Interpol agency in Namibia, the National Central Bureau – to trace the whereabouts of six Namibian fugitives who escaped from holding cells in Lubango last week. Head of the police public relations division Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said the Namibian fugitives are hardcore criminals, who are also wanted in Namibia for a string of crimes, ranging from murder, attempted murder, possession of arms and ammunition, escape from lawful custody, housebreaking and theft. Kanguatjivi could, however, not say how much cash they stole in Lubango. The fugitives were arrested in Angola in February this year, following a bank robbery in Lubango, but escaped between October 4 and 5. “They are regarded as dangerous and violent and may be armed,” he warned. He cautioned that members of the public should not attempt to apprehend the fugitives, but should rather contact the nearest police station or directly contact Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu on 0813783818, or Detective Chief Inspector Sakarias Amakali on 0812499692. The six fugitives are Mateus Shinombelo Petrus, 45, (nicknamed Kashamane) who comes from Oshikondiilongo, Gabriel Shinyemba Namupolo, 41, (nicknamed Ndjushwa & Chicken) from Olupumbu Lwashinyemba, Marius Iipinge Jackie, 33, (nicknamed Cafude from Onawayakilian) – all from the Oshana Region – and Tomas Hipewabedi Amweelo, 33, (nicknamed Tommy or Ndjanane) from Engela, Ohangwena Region. The other two are Daniel Natangwe Mbishi, 28, from Okatale near Odibo in the Ohangwena Region and David Simeon Aron, 34, (nicknamed @Slow) who was born in Kwanza Zul in Angola. He noted that anyone with information on their whereabouts should not be afraid of reprisals, as his or her identity would be protected. daniel gabriel marius mateus tomas
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