• November 21st, 2018
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Capacity-building in Oshikuku a success

Special Focus
Special Focus

Oshikuku Residents at Oshikuku have received training on how to hold their local council accountable, especially on the provision of essential services, such as water and sanitation. Presenting the workshop was the Desert Research and Foundation of Namibia (DFRN), with funding from the Embassy of Finland. In attendance were staff members of Oshikuku Town Council, members of the community development committee, as well as ordinary community members. The purpose of the training is to help community members to hold their local authorities accountable, provide efficient services and show accountability, transparency, good governance. Those who attended described the training as successful. The training course is now expected to be replicated in other towns. Finnish Ambassador to Namibia Anne Saloranta encouraged attendants to give constructive feedback that can be used to improve or advance the programme. “We do not want to impose ideas on the community, but we want to make an input based on the feedback that we get from the community,” said Saloranta. Oshikuku Town Council CEO Julia Kakwambi Nakale asked that in future the organisers include the business community as well. Nevertheless, Nakale says the training has been very beneficial to the council, as it has taught them the importance of providing an improved service to the community. The council was also able to gauge ideas on how to avoid negative publicity and respond to concerns raised by the community.
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2015-10-14 09:32:59 3 years ago

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