• November 20th, 2018
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Fear grips learners after tragic death of Agustineum fellow


Windhoek Female learners at Ella Du Plessis High School fear seeking educational assistance from their male teachers fearing victimisation following the cold blooded murder of an Augustineum school girl a teacher at the same school who have also been reported to have been her lover. The incident that send chills down the spines of Namibians on Friday not only saw the future a young teenage lass being cut short but her older sister also lost her life to the same teacher suspect. A Grade 9 learner Parue Princess Nambunga is shocked at what happened primarily because the suspected person is a school teacher who works for the nation. “That shows he does not have respect for his work and the nation at large, for having a relationship with a learner and ending up killing her,” comments Nambunga. Nambunga adds that she fears for her life when walking to and from school. “I am always in fear, especially if I see a man I always get bad thoughts such as what if he rapes or kills me,” she says. She is also scared that men might harm her because what they are doing is very terrible. And she is no more open with her male teachers because she is afraid to be hurt. “Even when I don’t understand in class or when we are having afternoon classes I am scared to approach them because I might say or do something they don’t like and get hurt or killed,” Hilde-Gard Ngumatja Kaure says there are many killings and that worries her a lot. “Teachers are not supposed to be in relationship with learners. They were supposed to concentrate on teaching, but now they are even killing. This really is disturbing my studies because it is in my mind a lot,” says Kaure. Nick Domingo says he fears for his sisters as he believes he can protect himself. “The only thing I am worried about is my sisters’ safety wondering if they might be the next victims,” said Domingo.
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2015-10-14 10:46:14 3 years ago

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