• November 19th, 2018
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School hostel could uplift the education at Otjivero


Omitara Once the construction of the school hostel at Otjivero Primary School is completed, the school will change for the better, as learners will pay more attention to their school work. This is in the opinion of Rebecca Heita, the school’s principal, who told New Era last week that many learners do not study effectively at home because their environment does not allow them to. “This is a day school. Outside there are many problems such as shebeens and the children cannot study. Many learners do not perform well but then we also have those learners who do very well at school because they are well taken care of by their parents,” said Heita. She further added that there are no recreational facilities of any sort at the school; hence many learners are lured to the drinking alcohol. “There is nothing here for the children,” added Heita, who said even the school yard is small to accommodate extra mural activities. “We use the soccer field in the location for our sports activities.” Furthermore, she revealed that four extra classrooms have been built at the school. As a result, learners are no longer taught in the afternoon. “We were having two extra classes in the afternoon but that is now something of the past.” Heita said an administration block has been built at the school and these will be officially inaugurated soon, she revealed. Furthermore, she said the introduction of free education in the country has been a great advantage for the school. “We could not afford things like copy machines and fax machines. We never had such a big fund before,” Heita said, adding that this year the school received over – N$90 000 from government. Otjivero primary school has 367 learners.
New Era Reporter
2015-10-15 09:35:03 3 years ago

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