• October 17th, 2018
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Discover yourself at the ‘Love Yourself’ workshop

Windhoek Work stress, special family circumstances, relationship issues, sudden financial challenge, poor health or disease, some hurt from the past, just to mention a few, are some of the imbalances in our lives that hold us back from being the joyous beings of body, mind, spirit and emotions we are meant to be but often these parts of us are not in perfect balance. The upcoming workshop titled ‘Love Yourself and You Change Your Life’ organized by Heal Your Life® Teacher and Coach, Elise Heikkinen-Johnstone, will focus on the imbalances and challenges in ourselves as well as opportunities for personal development and growth. According to Heikkinen-Johnstone when we feel stuck in constant imbalance and find it difficult to let go and move on, then it is perhaps a time to take stock of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs that potentially hold us back from a joyous and fulfilling life. “Part of the challenge is that we give our power away by blaming the past, other people, and difficult events for our frustration. When we learn to step outside the world of blame we can then choose to create peace, harmony, and balance in our minds and bodies, and that is what we will find in our lives,” she says. The workshop, which is based on the teachings of bestselling author, Louise Hay, has helped many find a better way of living. Hay is an icon in the self-help movement. Her bestselling book, You Can Heal Your Life, brings across the fundamental message of the importance of loving yourself. Her methods enable people to realise that the power to change their lives lay within themselves. By identifying and resolving issues from the past, releasing negative thoughts and behaviour patterns, and finally embracing the healing effects of love and forgiveness. She has mapped out a path to life transformation. Her work encompasses many well established disciplines including méditation, positive affirmations and the development of self-approval. Besides the book, You Can Heal Your Life, Hay developed a world acclaimed “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” transformational two day workshop. The workshop has been attended by thousands of men and women worldwide. Since March 2015 the licensed Heal Your Life® workshops have been available in Namibia and are open to anyone wanting to create positive change in their lives. The simple philosophy and methods taught at the transformational two day workshop apply to both personal and professional lives - discover how to have more loving relationships, succeed in your career or business, grow as a leader, achieve your chosen dreams and goals, make the big career move, enjoy vibrant physical and emotional health and become financially sound. In the workshop you will experience exercises that help you to identify old limiting beliefs, and then to let go of them so that you can love yourself and others more fully. Working with the four aspects of yourself: body, mind, spirit, and emotions, you will learn why you may be sabotaging yourself or recreating the same undesirable situations over and over in your life. In just these two days your life can begin the turn around that you’ve been waiting for. “It is about you, the way you are, the key influences and events in your life that have brought you to where you are now and the way you would like your life to be. The process of healing your life begins with breaking through the layers of old conditioning and beliefs about how you “should” lead your life, identifying any problem areas and clearing out emotional clutter connected with them. There is no “magic” or “secret process”. All that is required is a genuine desire to commit, change and a series of practical steps to make those changes happen,” says Heikkinen-Johnstone. Heikkinen-Johnstone’s experience has taught her that when given an opportunity, we are all capable of discovering our true potential and knowing what is best for us. The “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” workshop will take place as from October 24 to 25 at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge in Windhoek. Tickets for the workshop are N$1900 (including materials, lunches & refreshments). Heikkinen-Johnstone had the privilege of being trained and certified by Louise Hay’s master student Dr Patricia Crane. Elise is licensed by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay to offer this training. Besides having trained as a Heal Your Life® practitioner, she has a Bachelors Honours Degree in Industrial and Clinical Psychology. Her experience in Southern Africa for the past 20 years includes management of multimillion dollar projects in senior management capacity, management of international donor funds, overseeing community development programmes, organizational and human resources development, coaching entrepreneurs and business owners, empowerment of women, mentoring youth, and training of clergy and religious leaders. In 2007 Elise’s turbulent marriage ended in her husband’s suicide. With the help of Louise Hay’s philosophy and methods she healed from the abuse & loss of a loved one, to find her loving-self and rebuilt a happy, fulfilling life. Elise’s life purpose since then has been to help others to transform and create their best lives - to achieve happiness, joy & abundance. For tickets contact 081452 9958 or elise.heikkinen@gmail.com
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