• December 17th, 2018
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Nangolo admits to killing cousin, drinking blood

Crime and Courts, National
Crime and Courts, National

Ongwediva A 23-year-old man killed his cousin near Ondangwa and drank his blood in the belief it would help him build a flourishing business. The young man, Julius Hafeni Nangolo, made the confession to the police after his arrest last week Thursday, saying someone at a church in Swakopmund had told him to kill a relative and drink their blood, if he is to become a successful businessperson. Nangolo was on vacation at his home village of Omakango near Ondangwa when he committed the murder. The victim was 36-year-old Martin Nambala Namwandi. Nangolo stabbed his victim, 36-year-old Martin Namwandi in the left side of the chest and the right breast, as well as in the stomach. Namwandi also had several knife cuts to his neck, causing the police to suspect that Nangolo was attempting to slit Namwandi’s throat. Namwandi’s body was discovered on Thursday morning by community members on the edge of a floodplain at Omakakanga. Nangolo appeared in Ondangwa Magistrate’s court on Friday. The mushrooming of dubious churches is suspected to be the root cause of the problem. The police said Nangolo told them that there was no blood at the scene of the crime, because he had drunk the blood, as instructed by members of the as yet unnamed church in Swakopmund. Nangolo’s grandmother, Secilia Kavela, told New Era that Namwandi left home on Wednesday morning for the cuca shops, but did not return home with his fellow housemates that evening, as he had a key to his cousin’s mother’s cuca shop, where they had been drinking that evening. “[Nangolo] also informed the other housemates that Namwandi would not return home with them, because he (Nangolo) wanted Namwandi to assist him with work in the morning,” narrated the grandmother. Kavela said they were shocked to receive news of her grandchild’s murder the following morning. “Who could have thought that he (Nangolo) had a plan? You don’t know whether he (Namwandi) was killed where he was found, or Nangolo had brought him there after he killed him, because there were just no signs of someone fighting for their life,” related Kavela. The killing of Namwandi follows the discovery of several other people slain in Windhoek and Opuwo last week. He will be buried at Oshitayi on Wednesday. President Hage Geingob at the 18th annual meeting of the Council of Traditional Leaders at Ekamuti Lodge expressed his deep concern over the mushrooming of questionable churches and called on the council to intervene.
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