• November 18th, 2018
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Around 2 200 Windhoek pensioners in municipal arrears


Windhoek The City of Windhoek is contemplating how best to settle the debts of 2 200 pensioners, whose accounts are in arrears, some with as much as N$95 000. City of Windhoek spokesperson Joshua Amukugo told New Era yesterday that the senior citizens’ debts range from N$1 000 to N$95 000. Their debts, he added, have accumulated over several years. “We are seriously discussing this whole issue to see how best we can address it,” Amukugo said, noting that debts seriously cripple the institution, as they cannot carry out developmental projects due to a lack of sufficient funds. “The debts are badly affecting the municipality. We want to move on with service provision, but we cannot,” added Amukugo. He said many pensioners have religiously settled their debts over the years, but some have been reluctant to fulfil their obligations. “If we write off all debts then it will also benefit those who were (deliberately) misbehaving,” remarked Amukugo, who emphasised that the municipality is working on modalities to address the problem. “I would like to request government to come and meet us halfway to write off all these debts,” pleaded Amukugo. Financial dire straits … More than 2 000 senior citizens owe the City of Windhoek money for municipal services rendered. The photo is for illustration only.  
New Era Reporter
2015-10-20 09:07:46 3 years ago

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