• November 18th, 2018
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Youth in Business 2

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek The youth are not sitting around waiting for jobs to be provided. They are now job creators. Many young entrepreneurs and innovators are creating new opportunities and striving to make Namibia a better place. Olivia Ndapunikwa Toivo is one such young entrepreneur, who is doing it for herself and hard to ignore her. She describes herself as humble and ambitious, adding that her desire to reduce unemployment and dislike of being given orders is what drove her to start her own business. “I hate being ordered around and the only way to get around it was to start my own business and become my own boss. I grew up with business-minded people like my dad, Rabby Shikalepo and Uncle Matheus Nampala. They actually motivated me.” Olivia started her business with a starting capital of N$400, which she used to buy blackboard chalk and all the necessary things she needed to use for the training of nannies and helpers. She recalls that during the first few weeks she did not receive a single client in return, but now business is much better. Toivo says the best thing about being a young entrepreneur is seeing clients satisfied and getting to meet new personalities. Her business, Ndapunikwa’s Nanny Agency offers primary services such as housekeeping and nanny referrals. The firm provides trained and trustworthy nannies and helpers anywhere in Namibia. She is also the managing director of MTM-Mondi investment cc, which provides services, such as construction, renovation, catering and event management. “As a young entrepreneur I face criticism and stereotypes, but I overcame them by working harder and proving to people that I can run my business, as well any other business owner.” Although it is merely 10 months since Toivo established her company, but she already has more than 40 employees.
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