• November 20th, 2018
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Murder accused soon to hear his sentence

Windhoek Sentencing proceedings will start at the end of this month in the Windhoek High Court in a case involving young Omaruru resident Wencel Gawanab, who was recently convicted of murder. Judge Nate Ndauendapo postponed the matter to October 29 for arguments on mitigation and aggravation of sentence, after consultations with both defence counsel Christian Nambahu and Deputy Prosecutor General Ingrid Husselman. Gawanab was convicted on a charge of murder in relation to the death of Quintus Llewellyn Reginald Gaingob at the Omaruru State Hospital on November 6, 2010 According to the charge sheet, he stabbed Gaingob at least nine times in his head and other parts of his body during the late night hours of Sunday, October 31 2010 or the early hours of Monday, November 1 at a shebeen in the Hakahana location of Omaruru. The deceased was then admitted to the Omaruru State Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries on Saturday November 6, 2010. At the start of his trial Gawanab admitted that he stabbed the deceased, but denied he had the intention to kill him. He was granted bail in the amount of N$1 000 three days after the incident. But the bail was cancelled after he was convicted. In his plea explanation Gawanab stated that he stabbed the deceased in self-defence and that the deceased’s death was caused by his own actions when he removed a pipe that was inserted in his body to drain fluid from his lungs. Judge Ndauendapo however rejected his claim and said that state witnesses who were at the scene of the stabbing testified that the accused was the aggressor during the altercation. The judge said evidence was produced that showed that the accused went looking for the deceased and was angry about an incident at the accused’s house involving the deceased and the mother of the accused. The judge also rejected Gawanab’s claim that the deceased caused his own death when he removed the pipes from his body, as evidence was presented by the doctors that the victim did not die as a result of the pipes being removed. In the end, the judge said, he was satisfied that the State proved the guilt of Gawanab beyond a reasonable doubt.
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2015-10-28 09:36:36 3 years ago

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