• November 20th, 2018
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Nudo to deny outsiders jobs at Otjinene


Otjinene If re-elected into power, the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) has promised to ensure that decision-making jobs would be reserved for people from that constituency and who are Nudo members. The announcement, made by party leaders during a rally here on Sunday, is in sharp contrast with the spirit of national unity as provided for in the country’s Constitution. Positions, such as those of school principals, mayors, CEO of the town council and many other strategic positions would be reserved only for Nudo supporters, party leaders said. Nudo leaders made the promise while addressing close to 200 supporters during the party’s election campaign star rally held here on Sunday. Nudo candidate for Otjinene village council Landine Kauta appealed to residents of Otjinene constituency to renew their trust in the party by voting for Nudo candidates for the village council, as well as Fetty Katjizeu, Nudo’s candidate for the Otjinene constituency. “If you want development in this constituency the only party to vote for is the almighty Nudo party,” she said. She said if voted into power, she would make sure that there is a noticeable development in Otjinene. “We will team up with foreign investors to bring development to the constituency,” she promised. Katjizeu said if elected into power he would conduct wide-ranging consultations with residents to determine their needs in order to devise a suitable plan for regional development. “We will recruit bright young men and women to visit each and every village to determine the needs of each and everyone,” said Katjizeu, who replaced Adolphus Kangootui as Nudo candidate for the constituency. In his keynote address, party secretary-general Meundju Jahanika called on supporters to ensure that Nudo controls all seats in the constituency. “Don’t let anyone from any other political party come and run organisations in this constituency, not even school principals from other political parties should be allowed to operate in this constituency,” he said. He further warned residents not to be intimidated by the Swapo party. “I see that there are Swapo party placards everywhere. Let me warn you: if they come, don’t listen to them. Look at Epukiro, Otjombinde, Kalahari. These are the areas run by the Swapo party, but no development is taking place in those constituencies,” he said. The party also used the opportunity to introduce its members who will contest the upcoming regional and local government elections scheduled for November 27. Nudo will field candidates in 14 out of the 52 local authorities in the upcoming elections.
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2015-10-28 09:27:04 3 years ago

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