• November 18th, 2018
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Youth in Business 3... Meet Ester Hamukoto

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Windhoek Young people are not sitting around waiting for jobs to be provided to them, many have become job creators in their own right. Young entrepreneurs and innovators are creating new opportunities and striving to make Namibia a better place. Ester Hamukoto is one such young entrepreneur, who is hard to ignore and doing it for herself. Although she faced challenges with start-up capital, self-doubt and cash flow management when she started her business, instead of giving up, Hamukoto injected her own savings into the business, focused on her initial core customers and continually worked hard to find new customers. Ester registered her business in 2011 and started operations in 2012. She says: “Starting a new business is not an easy job, especially when you don’t have the necessary capital. It was a bit challenging due to a lack of capital and trust from customers. The breakthrough was not easy, but it was worth it.” Ester says the exciting part of being a young entrepreneur is being an inspiration to other young women and a role model, despite her difficult upbringing. The worst is being forced to make difficult decisions on a personal level. She has been the managing director of her company for three years. Her company is called Esh-Ham Business Consultants and specialises in business consultancy, mainly helping people with the registration of their companies, drawing up financial statements, payroll services and other consulting services. She says “entrepreneurship is not an easy game”, and advises aspiring entrepreneurs that the key to success is to “ Believe in your dreams and work hard.”
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2015-10-28 10:44:57 3 years ago

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