• November 16th, 2018
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Industry Loop: Disk Jockey and Wing Man in one sentence?!

What is Buying Power? It is the money an investor has available to buy securities. That is the book definition. Remember, I told you last week…contextualise terms to our piepolo-Namibians. In Namibia, buying power is the guy who buys the alcohol at the spot and in many times is your ride home. What is the I.L. (Industry Loop) code on the buying power of the night? KEEP THAT MF HAPPY! That is the guy who needs to be sorted out in terms of what music HE wants to hear, which girl HE likes in the crew and about YOU drinking his alcohol! What does this have to do with entertainment? EVERYTHING! Djs, ever heard of the saying-READ YOUR CROWD? Well, in your crowd, you are most likely poised to find hordes of groups scattered all around. And every group has a buying power. Seek that MF out and play to his liking! If you are an all-rounder Dj, and you see the buying power has reacted to a certain genre, KEEP AT IT HOMEBOY! You should literally be that crew’s wingman. Because if you do not play “wing man”, a situation will unfold where the crew will end up leaving. Largely because your buying power was annoyed by your choice of music. If that happens, everybody loses. The crew that wanted a good night out loses because the buying power hits them with that “Ek will huis toe gaan, ek will gaan slaap” line. You, the Dj loses out because that MF is gone with his money. That was money most likely supposed to pay for your time djying there after the gig. You see how this is a lose/lose situation? Do not play to these kwaitos that are standing around. Those boys, probably ten of them in one squad buy one Zamalek…and hold unto that Zamalek for the whole night. Warm a$$ beer! No wonder they turn onto each other after the night. “Nou, Zaksa, jy check my nie neh”, and then Zaksa is like “Neh…Usko is daan jy wat nie vir my check neh” BAM, fight brakes out and your set is spoiled. I’m not saying play what the buying power likes ALL NIGHT! Nee gons, who wants to listen to Splash and Teddy Pendergrass all night. What you do is, play a hit or two to get the buying power to feel good and then you move on with your set. Buying Powers are actually really cool people. No uncool person would spend their money on you to get sloshed! So, a song or two for them would set them off the whole night and you would’ve duly handled your responsibility of being a wing man! Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Quado Boy: Kamali Flop of the week: Eddy Ross 7: Be focus (Remix) Need an MC? Contact NSK for a quote at naobebsekind@gmail.com
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