• September 18th, 2018
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SKW hit it off in Swakopmund

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Sport, Sports

Windhoek The Bank Windhoek National Fistball Cup brought an exciting local season to an end at the SFC Sport Fields last Saturday in Swakopmund, with Cohen FC 1 and SKW 3 walking away with top honours in the Category A and B respectively. Cohen FC 1 retained the National Cup in the Category A to end their season on a high. After losing the Bank Windhoek National A League title to SKW 1 in a heated final a month ago. They were unbeaten in the preliminary round winning all their games by a clear margin which gave them an automatic qualification for the tournament final. There they met SKW 1 who had qualified for the tournament final with a narrow win over SFC1 in the qualifying semifinal. The game between the two archrivals started off as a balanced affair. Gernot Helm, spiker for SKW 1, managed some good spikes to keep his team in contention for a win until half time. After the teams switched sides, Cohen FC 1 took control of the game and managed to increase their half time lead from three points to ten in the space of a couple of minutes. SKW 1 could not retaliate and had to accept defeat by 34:22 points in the final. The Category B section of the tournament was a much closer affair. SKW 3, strengthened by former national team captain Michael Baas, managed to win all their games in the preliminary round to qualify for the final, but they had their work cut out. Both their games against Cohen FC 3 and SFC 2 were a tight affair. In the cup final they played SFC 2 who had qualified by winning a very close semifinal against Cohen FC 3 by 3 points. The hard fought semifinal had visibly taken its toll on the home team. SKW 3 dominated proceedings from the start taking a comfortable 10 point lead by half time which they never relinquished. The game ended with 31:21 in favour of SKW 3. With the final tournament of the season concluded, the Fistball Association of Namibia (FAN) took the opportunity to honour players who produced outstanding performances during the year. Udo Witte was chosen as the best player in the Bank Windhoek National B league while his son and national team player Marc-Andre Witte was crowned as best U/18 player. The cup for the best overall performance this season went to Cohen FC 1 setter Helmo Minz who is also a key player in the men’s national team.
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