• November 19th, 2018
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Swapo brought development, says Sankwasa


Okandjira/Ovitoto James Sankwasa, Swapo Party’s national leader assigned to the Omatako Constituency in the Otjozondjupa Region, on Sunday reminded residents of the area about the achievements of the party. Addressing an election rally, Sankwasa, who is also the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, told inhabitants of Ovitoto that Swapo has been instrumental in building schools, universities, hospitals, clinics and bridges, among others, to improve the living conditions of ordinary Namibians. He said before Independence there were no universities, but today Namibia boasts three universities, namely the University of Namibia, the Polytechnic (soon to be renamed the University of Science and Technology), and the International University of Management. “Here at Okandjira, you have a clinic, a school, a pre-primary and many other developments you did not have before Independence. Who said Swapo has not delivered?” he asked. “We have delivered.” He said inhabitants should not be fooled by opposition parties, who promise things they will never be able to achieve. He told the residents that while driving around the village he noticed a small office belonging to the DTA. he said the DTA led an interim government from 1980 to 1990 but failed to achieve what Swapo did in 10 years. Sankwasa said, apart from clinics and schools in the constituency, the Swapo-led government also constructed three bridges to improve the lives of the local people. “For years residents cried for bridges and the Swapo Party delivered.” He noted that prior to Independence there were only 4 000 tarred roads, but this number has since increased to 7 000. Sankwasa pointed out that earlier this year President Hage Geingob increased the old age pension grant from N$600 to N$1000 and this will increase again next year: “No other party will be able to do that, not Nudo, not DTA, only the mighty Swapo Party.” Additionally, Sankwasa says the party introduced the minimum wage for farm workers, as well as the minimum wage for domestic workers, as part of the war against poverty. “Therefore, go and tell your brothers and sisters, who are lost at DTA, to come and vote for the mighty Swapo Party for development.” He also said Swapo is the only party that can guarantee peace and stability in the country: “Comrades, you should agree with me that a house without peace and stability is a broken house.” Sankwasa said before Independence the apartheid government had a belief that the different ethnic groups would never be able to live together peacefully, but the Swapo Party has proven them wrong. “Here we are drinking from the same cup, living happily together as brothers and sisters,” he said. The deputy works and transport minister also touched on the land issue, saying there are those who believe the Swapo government has failed on the land issue. He, however, called for patience, as the land issue is high up on the party’s agenda and election manifesto. Sankwasa then presented the party manifesto to Swapo’s candidate for the Omatako constituency, Susan Hikopo, and advised her to follow it closely.
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