• September 24th, 2018
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Khorixas to build N$3 million fire station

Khorixas The north-western town of Khorixas will soon build a N$3-million fire station along the nearby Outjo main road. The Khorixas Town Council says it wants to provide emergency services “to enhance the safety and quality of life of people at the town”. The town council further says “the matter (building of the fire station) has been taken up with the planning consultants to kick off with the planning”, and that the technical department would ensure that the project is implemented. Quotations have been received from various service providers. The town council recommended that the management committee take cognizance that the project is well in progress and a contractor be appointed for the construction. LS Design Studios cc is the only company that expressed interest to build the fire station. LS Design Studios cc requested a deposit of N$30 000 but wrote that the surrounding residents’ approval and the appropriate zoning for the property remains the sole responsibility of the town council. Lukas Shahangwapo the owner of LS Design Studios cc confirmed that his company has already submitted its design to the town council and received the deposit. Ralla Gowaseb, the head of technical services at the town council said the fire station would lead to fire emergencies being attended to on time. The town council previously used a tractor to attend to emergencies but the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development allocated it a fire engine worth N$3 million to help remedy the situation to some extent. The Ministry of Rural and Urban Development wants each town to build at least one fire station to attend to fire and other emergencies on time.
2015-11-04 09:23:01 2 years ago
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