• September 22nd, 2018
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Suggestion box to swing tide of crime

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Rundu Kavango East Regional Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo has applauded the police in the region for initiating the police suggestion box, which he unveiled recently at a ceremony held in Rundu He said the time is now for all the people in Kavango East to collaborate with the police to curb crime in the region, adding that the police cannot be everywhere all the time due to manpower and technical limitations. “The efforts of the police force to swing the tide of crime and encourage public participation in combating crime over the last couple of years have culminated in this noble initiative,” he said. The box will be used by residents of the town as well as the entire Kavango East Region to make suggestions on crime prevention and awareness, as well as on how the police can improve on their services. According to Mbambo, these efforts have been motivated by the development of the first ever strategic plan and crime management strategy for the Namibian Police Force. The strategy was launched in 2011 under the theme striving for improved policing in partnership with the communities. “Crime is a disturbing phenomenon in the lives of people, communities and the operations of business enterprises. Crime instils fear and disrupts the freedom of our people to carry out their daily activities and routines because their localities are taken over by merciless criminals who assault, rape, rob and/or break into their homes,” Mbambo said. He urged the community to be involved in the reduction of crime in the region so that residents can be safe and live peacefully. Deputy Commissioner Sam !Nawaseb, who stood in for the police regional commander for Kavango East Commissioner Johanna Ngondo, said gone are the days when the police were perceived as enemies and unfriendly to residents in their areas of operation. He added that the police have devised some turnaround strategies to ensure the community gets involved in police activities and these strategies, among others, include community policing. “The unveiling of the suggestion box in Kavango Region could not have come at a better time now that we are witnessing economic growth in our town. Dubious minds will try by all means to harvest where they did not sow and the police have to enhance their policy strategies to safeguard the properties and lives of residents and visitors,” said the deputy commissioner. He invited all citizens to contribute in one way or the other to the reduction of crime in the region. “It’s a known fact that the police cannot do it alone without the involvement of the community,” he said.
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